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Challenges in the Modeling of Plastics in Computer Simulation

Finite-element analysis and injection-molding simulation are two technologies that are seeing widespread use today in the design of plastic components. Limitations exist in our ability to mathematically describe the complexity of polymer behavior to these software packages. Material models commonly used in finite-element analysis were not designed for plastics, making it difficult to correctly describe non-linear behavior and plasticity of these complex materials. Time-based viscoelastic phenomena further complicate analysis. Dealing with fiber fillers brings yet another layer of complexity. It is vital to the plastics engineer to comprehend these gaps in order to make good design decisions. Approaches to understanding and dealing with these challenges, including practical strategies for everyday use, will be discussed. full post

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High Speed Stress Strain Material Properties as Inputs for the Simulation of Impact Situations

With the recent changes in the crashworthiness requirements for US automobiles for improved safety, design engineers are being challenged to design interior trim systems comprised of polymeric materials to meet these new impact requirements. Impact analysis programs are being used increasingly by designers to gain an insight into the final part performance during the design stage. Material models play a crucial role in these design simulations by representing the response of the material to an applied stimulus. In this work, we seek to develop novel test methods to generate high speed stress-strain properties of plastics, which can be used as input to structural analysis programs... full post

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Structural Analysis of Thermoplastic Components: Book Review

The primary purpose of this book is to describe the application of modern engineering analysis techniques to the design of components fabricated from thermoplastic materials. The book, the first of its kind to address the unique behavioral characteristics of thermoplastics and their impact on finite element analysis (FEA), points out the need for plastics designers to move on to nonlinear analysis in order to truly simulate the behavior of plastic parts. According to the authors, the easy availability of high speed computing and efficient analysis codes means that it is no longer necessary nor cost-effective to restrict oneself to simple linear analyses. full post

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