The book, while acknowledging the strong theoretical basis that has been built to explain the complicated rheological behavior of polymers, provides a clean and pragmatic vision without resorting to complex mathematical notation.

Of particular interest are the chapters on “Physical Features and Flow” and
“Adventitious Flow Phenomena”. The former provides highly readable explanations of the different phenomena that govern polymer flow, while drawing on the understanding that has been developed from the intense theoretical study that has occurred in this field. The phenomena of shear stress. temperature and pressure dependencies are covered, followed by treatments of visco elasticity and extensional flow. In the chapter on adventitious flow, an interesting discussion on the causes of flow instability is commenced with a number of guidelines for the design engineer to control or eliminate problems associated with these phenomena.

In all this, Mr. Cogswell brings his tremendous experience at lCl to bear, providing meaningful insights info these complex phenomena and the effect they have on the processing of polymers.


F. N. Cogswell. Wood head, Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, England. First published in 1981; revised in 1994. 178 pp.

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- Reviewed by Hubert Lobo, president of DatapointLabs. Review copy provided courtesy of Technomic Publishing.