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New Papers from the Experts at DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials

New Generation Modeler for LS-DYNA Material Parameter Conversion, by E. Strong and H. Lobo, will be presented at the European LS-DYNA Conference 2017 in Salzburg, Austria.

ABSTRACT: We describe a new software component that takes into consideration the unique multi-variate nature of LS-DYNA material models. Rate-dependent models require adjustment and tuning of many material parameters to fit the rate-dependent tensile properties. Drawing upon a robust back-end data model, a graphical user interface provides drag and drop capability to allow the user to perform tasks such as model extrapolation beyond tested data, modulus change, rate dependency tuning and failure criteria adjustment while assuring self-consistency of the underlying material model. Unit system conversions are also facilitated, eliminating error and ensuring that material inputs to simulation correctly reflect the intent of the CAE analyst. The utility of the Matereality CAE modelers is illustrated with examples for LS-DYNA material models MAT_019, MAT_024 and MAT_089 LCSR.

Visual evaluation of extrapolated material model overlaid on experimental data
Visual evaluation of extrapolated material model overlaid on experimental data

A Process for Creating, Managing and Deploying Materials in ANSA, by H. Lobo, E. Strong, and Y. Kolokythas will be presented at the 7th BETA CAE International Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.

ABSTRACT: Systems simulations involve material models for many materials. Since different kinds of simulations may be performed ranging from NVH to crash, such material files exist for a variety of solvers. It is a difficult task to ensure the self-consistency of material nomenclature for all these cases, such that the materials information is current and the right material files are used for each material. We present a system where materials information is uniformly deployed to CAD and CAE from libraries set up in Matereality. Consistent naming conventions and unit systems are used. Material files are linked to source material data for reference and traceability.

Mid-Stage Validation as a Process Step in Simulation V&V, by M. Lobdell, B. Croop, and H. Lobo, will be presented at the 2017 NAFEMS World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

ABSTRACT: Physically accurate simulation is a requirement for initiatives such as late-stage prototyping, additive manufacturing and digital twinning. The use of mid-stage validation has been shown to be a valuable tool to measure solver accuracy prior to use in simulation. Factors such as simulation settings, element type, mesh size, choice of material model, the material model parameter conversion process, quality and suitability of material property data used can all be evaluated. These validations do not use real-life parts, but instead use carefully designed standardized geometries in a controlled physical test that probes the accuracy of the simulation. With this a priori knowledge, it is possible to make meaningful design decisions. Confidence is gained that the simulation replicates real-life physical behavior. We present three case studies using different solvers and materials, which illustrate the broad applicability of this technique.

Insights into the Simulation of Failure of Ductile Plastics, by M. Lobdell, B. Croop, and H. Lobo, was presented at CARHS Automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2017 in Hanau, Germany. This presentation is available on Knowmats for reference. Knowmats is a curated information resource specific to "Materials in Simulation."

Matereality® Version 11 Delivers Enterprise CAE Material File Management and Authoring Tools for Testing Labs
Matereality has released Version 11 of its software for materials with a toolset for test engineers to capture measured properties, analyze data, and create test reports for distribution. A CAE material file management framework has also been released along with a next generation CAE modeler for material parameter conversion for LS-DYNA, RADIOSS and Abaqus...Press Release

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