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About us

Knowmats is an informal repository of information related to materials and simulation. Using a combination of contributor posts, links and preprints, the goal is to assemble a curated collection of information that helps simulation professionals perform best-in-class simulation with a better understanding of how materials are represented in FEA and simulation.

Contributors include simulation professionals, CAE and finite element software companies, material modeling experts and others who are willing to contribute their expertise to improve the field. Knowmats staff will work with contributors to collect their information, create and tag posts.


We are inviting academics, simulation professionals, CAE and finite element software companies, and material modeling experts to provide contributions in the form of:

  • Blog-style posts
  • Preprints or links to papers on your web-site
  • Links to your papers on third party sites
The goal of referencing papers or presentations on Knowmats is not to reproduce the content, but to redirect users to the knowledge source. This seeks to create a focal point on the topic of Materials in Simulation where practitioners can come to learn without having to sort through a huge amount of research being published to the internet. The blog-style Knowmats posts are meant to make it easier for people to find your work by having it collected and ready to use. We are not hosting any copyrighted papers, just creating searchable and categorized references to them.

You can act as individuals or on behalf of your company. Your role as contributor is to curate a collection of posts, links and commentary on your area of interest/expertise. In doing so, the community has the opportunity to gain from these insights as seen from your viewpoint. While it is likely that a majority of your posts may refer to links to papers that you have produced, you have the freedom to refer to papers and links of other researchers and collaborators to help complete the picture.

While Knowmats is not a marketing vehicle it is important to have information in your profile that establishes your credentials and place in the industry. You can also include links to your own web-sites, Linked In and personal contact information in case you would like to be contacted in connection with your Knowmats presence.

Knowmats is currently read-only, so all content will be uploaded by the administrators on behalf of each contributor.

If you are interested in contributing, please email with professional information about yourself and the content you wish to contribute.