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Validating Simulation Using Digital Image Correlation
This paper will be presented in full at the SIMULIA Community Conference, taking place May 21-24, 2013.

There is interest in quantifying the differences between simulation and real-life experimentation. This kind of work establishes a baseline for more complex simulations, bringing the notion of traceability to the practice of CAE. We present the use of digital image correlation as a way to capture strain fields from component testing and compare these to simulation. Factors that are important in ensuring fidelity between simulation and experiment will be discussed.

New TestPaks® for PlanetsX Injection Molding CAE Software Added to Test Catalog

CYBERNET SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has joined DatapointLabs'TestPaks® Alliance Program to facilitate polymer material properties measurement and model fitting services for its PlanetsX injection molding CAE software.

TestPaks serve customers with material properties measurements combined with model calibration, formatted as input decks for each alliance partner's CAE software. Users of PlanetsX now will have the opportunity to improve the accuracy of their injection molding simulation results using material properties data measured and formatted specifically for use with PlanetsX software through the TestPaksalliance with DatapointLabs.

The PlanetsX CAE software realizes a unified (seamless) simulation from plastic flow to mechanical properties of a product in the ANSYS Workbench pre-/post-processing environment. With accurate material data and a proper data-fitting operation, this system provides mold/mechanical engineers with high-precision solutions to predict mold defects, i.e. warpage, sink, weld lines and air traps.

By choosing a PlanetsX TestPak from the Test Catalog, users of PlanetsX can order measurement data for their specific material and their specific PlanetsX simulation. Each TestPak suggests all the physical properties needed for a particular PlanetsX simulation, and the measurement data is calibrated and delivered in a format that can be read in by PlanetsX directly. DatapointLabs' standard delivery within five business days applies to most TestPaks.

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CYBERNET SYSTEMS Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1985. The company provides best-in-class CAE solutions for plastic molding, mechanical and fluids analysis, process integration and design optimization, control design, formula manipulation, tolerance optimization, optical design, electronic and electronics design, visualization and multi-domain solutions, as well as professional education, technical support, engineering and consulting services.

The company maintains business relationships with CYBERNET SYSTEMS Group companies, including three CAE software development subsidiaries, in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany and France, in addition to overseas software partners and distributors.

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