Volume 16.3
DatapointLabs Joins TechNet Alliance
Our testing lab has become expert in understanding material models for CAE simulations and is dedicated to educate and serve the community on the latest simulation developments. As a new member of the TechNet Alliance, we will work with our partners to expand our efforts worldwide.
ANSYS Chaboche Model

Datapointlabs can now create and fit material data to the ANSYS Chaboche Model. This CAE model shows the ratcheting effect and kinematic hardening of metals.

CAE-INPUT Decks Now Available for ANSYS Polyflow

Our ANSYS Polyflow TestPaks now include input decks that load directly into ANSYS Polyflow. CAE Analysts can save hours of complex manual data fitting of visco-elastic polymer material models for extrusion, blow molding and thermoforming simulation.

Foam modeling in ANSYS

Classically a very difficult model to calibrate, the ANSYS hyperfoam data fitting is enabled by adding volumetric data or lateral strain data to model variable Poisson's ratio. Applications include foam seals, seats, mattresses and packaging.

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