Volume 14.2
Upcoming Partner Events

10th International LS-DYNA Users Conference June 8-10, Dearborn, MI.

International ANSYS Conference August 26-28, Pittsburgh, PA.  

New Tests and TestPaks

New validation test for LS-DYNA: Material model Validation is now available for LS-Dyna high-strain rate TestPaks. The high-speed tensile experiments are simulated using LS-Dyna and compared to real tensile data from the actual experiment. Validated material models increase the confidence that the material behavior is being properly represented in the simulation.

TestPaks for Radioss crash and drop test simulation
i. Law 1-Elastic material: TestPak describing the elasticity
characteristics of an isotropic material, assuming linear behavior.
ii. Law-2 Johnson Cook material: for analysis extending beyond the
elastic region of a material into the plastic region.
iii. Johnson-Cook material: with rate dependency, to simulate the behavior of plastic components subjected to impact situations

TestPaks for TM Concept, now VISI Flow. With the 2007 acquisition of Plastics & Computer by Vero Software, TM Concept, now called VISI Flow continues to be supported by DatapointLabs. TestPaks for VISI Flow are now available.

New Presentations On-line at TestPaks.com

Material Modeling Strategies for Crash Drop Test Simulation presented at the EnginSoft CAE Users' Meeting 2007, Italy. Represents a summarization of the state of the art in modeling of plastics behavior for crash applications.

Selection of Material Models for Plastics Impact Simulation presented at the 2007 LS-Dyna Conference in Goteborg, Sweden

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