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Material Properties to Enhance Simulation Accuracy

Determining the right material properties data needed to achieve the most accurate CAE and FEA simulation results forms the basis of presentations delivered by DatapointLabs at industry events.

Hubert Lobo, DatapointLabs President and CTO, is the keynote speaker at Accurate FEA of Engineering Plastics on October 14, 2014, an intensive one-day seminar hosted by CAE Associates, an engineering consulting firm and ANSYS channel partner, and presented in partnership with DatapointLabs. He will discuss the distinct structural behavior of engineering plastics and the best approaches for conducting accurate FEA.

AbstractPlastics exhibit non-linear viscoelastic behavior followed by a combination of deviatoric and volumetric plastic deformation until failure. Capturing these phenomena correctly in simulation presents a challenge because of the inadequacy of currently used material models. We follow an approach where we outline the general behavioral phenomena, then prescribe material models for handling different phases of plastics deformation. Edge cases will then be covered to complete the picture. Topics to be addressed include:
  • Using elasto-plasticity
  • When to use hyperelasticity
  • Brittle polymers – filled plastics
  • Failure modes to consider
  • Criteria for survival
  • Choosing materials
  • Spatial non-isotropy from injection molding
  • Importance of residual stress
  • Visco-elastic and creep effects
  • Strain-rate effects for drop test and crash simulations
  • Fitting material data to FEA material models

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Brian Croop, Laboratory Director at DatapointLabs, was invited to present Thermoplastic Material Testing for Use in SIGMASOFT at the SIGMASOFT North America User Meeting, September 10-12, 2014.

AbstractThermoplastic materials are one of the largest categories of materials to be injection molded. Simulation of the injection molding process requires sophisticated and exact material properties to be measured. This presentation will discuss the testing required to characterize a material for use in SIGMASOFT, as well as the significance of material model parameters. Differences in testing methodology for amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers will be covered, along with step-by-step implementation into the software to produce a successful injection molding simulation simulation. View the presentation

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Matereality Software Release Provides a Strong Materials Core for Manufacturing Enterprises Press Release

Matereality's Version 8 release provides a suite of productivity software that automates specific, materials-related tasks performed by different kinds of engineers within an enterprise. By operating from a unified library structure, all engineers interact with a common digital library, receiving information particular to their roles within the enterprise.

Matereality software for all across manufacturing enterprises"Product innovation success relies on centralized data and knowledge resources that each engineer can relate to. This allows for projects to be completed more efficiently and eliminates risks associated with unmanaged material data, thus accelerating the pace of product development."

— Hubert Lobo, Matereality 
President and CTO

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