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Knowmats is an informal repository of information related to materials and simulation. The information helps simulation professionals perform best-in-class simulation with a better understanding of how materials are represented in FEA and simulation. read more...

Datapoint Newsletter: Spring '09, Volume 15.1

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Selecting Material Models for the Simulation of Foams 

We seek to lay down a framework to help us understand the different behavioral classes of foams. Following a methodology that we previously applied to plastics, we will then attempt to propose the right LS-DYNA material models that best capture these behaviours. Guidelines for model selection will be presented as well as best practices for characterization. Limitations of existing material models will be discussed. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Spring '09, Volume 14.6

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Material Modeling of Soft Material for Non-linear NVH 

Abaqus’ Non-linear NVH capability permits the capture of material behavior of rubber seals and bushings, plastic parts and foam inserts which have a significant influence on the simulation. In this presentation, we discuss material calibration procedures for this application. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Winter '08, Volume 14.5

Simulation Tip: Interpreting Tensile Strength in the True Stress-Strain Environment. Partner Showcase: Abaqus. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Fall '08, Volume 14.4

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Datapoint Newsletter: Summer '08, Volume 14.3

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Simulating Plastics in Drop and Crash Tests 

If you want a crash simulation involving plastics to yield useful results, it is important to model the material behavior appropriately. The high strain rates have a significant effect on the properties, and failure can be ductile or brittle in nature, depending on a number of factors. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Summer '08, Volume 14.2

New Tests and TestPaks. New Presentations On-line. full post

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Material Modeling and Mold Analysis 

We present a perspective on material modeling as applied to mold analysis requirements. Melt-solid transitions and the case for a unified material model are discussed, along with prediction of post-filling material behavior and shrinkage, and the impact of viscous heating on flow behavior and material degradation. full post

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