Volume 14.4
A Makeover For DatapointLabs
  • a new look !
  • more space !
  • more instruments !

DatapointLabs is excited to announce a major renovation and expansion to its facilities over this summer. Our laboratories remain in the historic Langmuir Labs building; built by GE in the 1950's and named after it's famous Nobel Prize winning physicist. Technologically advanced and culturally vibrant, Ithaca is the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region, and home to Cornell University. Recent ratings list it as one of the top small cities in the US to live and work.


Our NEW 100kN Instron UTM is capable of generating stress-strain data modulus, Poisson's ratio and yield properties for high strength metals and composites.

NEW temperature chamber for BOSE ELF3200 allows for a full range of
visco-elastic measurements. Stress relaxation, short-term creep and dynamic frequency experiments can now be carried out in tensile, compressive and flexural modes between -80 to 250 C. Our BOSE instrument is now fully equipped to perform experiments for biomedical and other industrial applications

NEW Taber Abrasor had been acquired for abrasion and wear testing on materials including plastics, metals, coatings and painted surfaces.

With more room for all three of our labs: Thermal, Rheology and Mechanical, our facilities have expanded to serve you better with your material testing needs.

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