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Volume 25.3

New DatapointLabs Website Is Now Ready

We invite you to explore our newly released website, which includes the TestCart online ordering system for a more streamlined navigation of the DatapointLabs test catalog, so you can quickly find tests related to your industry, CAE solver, test standard, or keyword (such as material type). Since we are constantly expanding the scope of our offerings, we have added a WHAT WE DO tab to the website header, with a dropdown menu to lead directly to the testing of interest.

TestCart presents DatapointLabs' extensive online catalog, including individual tests, TestPaks for CAE, and CAETestBench validations.

1. Select a test, and click ADD TO CART.TestCart application

  • You are prompted to specify your material and test parameters for that test.

2. When your test selections are complete, click CHECK OUT, and then:

  • Click QUOTE ONLY to save your instant quotation, OR
  • Click PLACE ORDER to add your payment information and get started immediately.

3. Ship your materials, and allow DatapointLabs' expert technical staff to handle the rest.

You can update the status of your QUOTE to an ORDER, and track progress of your order online, by logging in at datapointlabs.com and selecting MY LAB. The system also prompts you with your frequently placed orders, allowing you to order repeat testing with greater ease.

Use the Matereality software tools to visualize, compare and analyze your data, create your own reports, and selectively share with colleagues.

High Temperature Crash Properties for Underhood Automotive Applications

Temperature greatly affects the tensile properties of plastics, composites, and other materials. With product safety and reliablity of greater concern than ever, it is important to test materials under conditions similar to the service environment, such as the temperatures seen in underhood automotive applications.

DatapointLabs has expanded our test capabilities with the installation of a new oven to allow for testing of materials at elevated temperatures with our high-speed tensile testing machine. DatapointLabs was the first commercial laboratory in the US to offer dynamic tensile testing at speeds up to 20 m/s.

Now when you order very high speed tensile testing (M-235 VERY HIGH SPEED TENSILE STRESS-STRAIN), you have the option to perform the test at temperatures up to 100C.

Upcoming Events
  • DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials will be participating at the following technical conferences. Look for us if you are attending, or contact us to set up an appointment to meet with one of our representatives there:
  • Verification & Validation of Simulations, October 2, 2019 — a new, interactive online course led by Dr. Al Tabiei. This one-day course is intended for all LS-DYNA analysts and any other FE simulation engineers. Even though the presentation is geared toward LS-DYNA, the methods and discussions are applicable to FE software in general. The course will benefit all simulation engineers, irrespective of FE simulation experience.

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