Volume 14.3
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New 100kN Instron Arrives
  • A new high load capacity Instron UTM has been acquired by DatapointLabs. The instrument is capable of generating stress-strain data, modulus, Poisson's ratio and yield properties of high strength metals and composites. Compressive experiments to large strains can now be carried out because of the high 100kN capacity of the instrument.
New TestPaks Alliance Partner
  • DatapointLabs is pleased to welcome SolidWorks as a new Alliance Partner. TestPaks for the calibration of most commonly used material models are now available.
Expanded Visco-Elastic Testing Capability for Bose ELF3200
  • A new oven for the Bose ELF3200 now allows it to be used for a full range of visco-elastic measurements. Stress relaxation, short-term creep and dynamic frequency experiments can now be carried out in tensile, compressive and flexural modes between -80 to 250C. Data can be converted to master curves using time-temperature superposition, allowing for the development of visco-elastic properties for use in a large variety of applications. Combined with the previously acquired 37C saline cell that simulates in vivoconditions, the Bose instrument is now fully equipped to perform experiments for biomedical and other industrial applications.
New at TestPaks.com
  • TestPaks for SolidWorks
    - Nonlinear Elastic
    - Plasticity – Von Mises
    - HyperElastic – Ogden and Mooney Rivlin
    - Viscoelastic (Creep)
  • With the acquisition of Fluent by ANSYS, TestPaks for Fluent Software are now combined under TestPaks for ANSYS. Look forANSYS FIDAP and ANSYS Polyflow.


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