Volume 14.1
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10th International LS-DYNA Users Conference June 8-10, Dearborn, MI.

International Moldflow User Group iMUG08, May 20-22, Detroit, MI. 

New at testpaks.com

Abaqus Finite-Plasticity (FeFp) material model -This material model for plastics is able to capture the non-linear elastic behavior as well as the development of plastic strain as the material goes beyond its non-linear elastic limit. The FeFp model can be calibrated by performing the tests described in the following TestPak available from DatapointLabs. A technical paper describing the model is posted at testpaks.com. Click here to access. 

PAM-FORM - Forming simulations are often difficult to accomplish because of the lack of material properties. These data are not easy to obtain because they need to be measured on semi-molten materials at high temperatures. DatapointLabs has released two TestPaks of which the isothermal at is an economical solution for first pass simulations. Forming applications up to 200C can be accommodated. 

New Test Capabilities

37° C Saline Cell for biomedical applications- Testing of materials that are used in-vivo require testing in saline environments at body temperatures. Mechanical properties at these conditions, such as stress-strain in tension or compression, cyclic loading, hyper elastic properties, stress relaxation and fatigue measurements are now available. Call for details, 1-888-Data-4-CAE

Taber Abrasion Testing- A rotary Taber Abrasion tester has been brought on line and is available for abrasion and wear testing on a variety of materials including plastics, metals, coatings and painted surfaces.To view tests clickhere 

New Employees

DatapointLabs welcomes two new employees, Bert Supernaw and Meagan Brown to their team. Meagan received her degree in Communications with a focus in Advertising and Graphic Design, and has been hired to assist in Marketing and Strategic Alliances. Bert, with a B.S. in Physics and Engineering as well as an A.A.S. in Electronics Engineering, is involved in the validation, compilation, and interpretation of test data. 

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