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Tony Abbey

Tony has been working with FEA for nearly 40 years, both in Industry and for FEA software providers in the UK and the US. Experience covers most of the analysis disciplines such as Dynamics, Nonlinear, Composites, Fatigue and Fracture, Optimization etc.

He provides FEA related training with NAFEMS and consultancy with his own company, FETraining. He has created and taught a wide range of FEA based training classes over the past 15 years. This is delivered live or via e-Learning. Tony has developed a reputation for providing the student with an experience that is full of insight gained from his extensive experience, but which also challenges and motivates.

Tony presents papers at NAFEMS and other conferences on a regular basis and has been involved with NAFEMS since its formation.

Tony contributes articles on FEA each month to Desktop Engineering and is a guest blogger on several sites.

Simplifying FEA Models: Plane Stress and Plane Strain

Even with powerful modern computers, there is often a motivation to use simplifying techniques in structural finite element analysis (FEA). full post

Structural Analysis

Verification vs. Validation in Relation to FEA

I was recently tasked with creating material to explain what Verification and Validation (V&V) are in relation to FEA (finite element analysis). full post