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Dr. Al Tabiei

Dr. Al Tabiei has been a consultant on the use of large scale finite-element simulation for more than 25 years to more than 80 large and small companies and government labs in the US and abroad.  He was the director of the Center of Excellence in DYNA3D Analysis at the University of Cincinnati (1997-2001). He has authored more than 150 journals, refereed reports, and conferences papers.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Tabiei lectures 12 different short courses on the use of LSDYNA for various applications to many government and industrial research centers and companies nationally and internationally. He has lectured in more than 20 countries. He also does code development for LSTC. Several of LSDYNA material models (composite shell, and others) are his development and implementation. He was consultant to the US government on the use of simulation for homeland security problems. He was also on a NASA team for the return to the moon program to investigate different landing scenarios (2006-2010).

Verification & Validation of LSDYNA Simulations

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Structural Analysis LS-DYNA Validation