Datapoint News Bulletin Volume 25.1

Testing in High Temperature, Controlled Humidity Environments

Moisture strongly affects the properties of hygroscopic materials like nylons, which are often used in harsh environments such as "under hood", and oil and gas. To design products for these situations requires properties measured at high temperatures and high levels of humidity. New capabilities have been introduced to allow for testing of materials at elevated temperatures and controlled humidity (e.g. 80C and 50% relative humidity).

This capability is now available for creep testing; see M-250H, Tensile Creep With Humidity, in the test catalog. In the past, high temperature creep measurements of moisture-exposed specimens would be rendered ineffective, because the specimens would dry out over the time of the measurement. Now, when testing is carried out in the controlled humidity environment, test specimens maintain their moisture level throughout the test duration, providing data that correctly reflects the conditions.

Similar capabilities are available for testing of materials in saline environments at 37C, to mimic in-vivo applications.

TestCart Online Order System Is Released

DatapointLabs has recently deployed its completely rebuilt, online test catalog and order system. Clients can obtain instant quotations, place orders, track the progress of their jobs, and access test results. The online order deteails are transferred directly to our technicians after lab management review. The system keeps track of frequently placed orders and is integrated into the Matereality Cloud, so clients can access their test reports and digital data in a single environment. Watch this short video for an introduction to the system.

Matereality V12 Contains New Clipboard to Aid Material Data Comparison and Report Writing

The latest release of Matereality Software for Materials, Version 12, includes new features and enhancements that facilitate materials information management tasks.

  • Updated look-and-feel with dynamic (language-ready) buttons allows the site to be translated to other languages other than English using browser-based tools (such as Google Translate)
  • A new Clipboard (formerly Basket) allows you to select datasets into a group for combined analytics using the Analyzer module, report preparation using the Printer module, and collaboration using the Share feature

    ‚ÄčNOTE: You must enable pop-up windows in your browser to use this feature
  • Printer module for automated report making is enhanced to allow use of company logos in reports, and includes other minor fixes and improvements
  • Viewer module now has a command button to create PDF reports of data that you are viewing
  • Data libraries now have a Select All feature that allows bulk share, compare, access control, and delete operations.
  • For Enterprise licenses only:
    • Importers—a new XML Import app has been added. It couples with the Excel Importer to import data from your standardized Excel pages
    • Service Plan app—System Administrator can control user access to apps, plus permissions such as data ownership, authorship, publication, and system administration
    • Materials information can now be sequestered to hide material composition and processing details
Upcoming Events

DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials will be participating at the following technical conferences. Look for us if you are attending, or contact us to set up an appointment to meet with one of our representatives there.

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