Volume 18.1
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DatapointLabs has greatly expanded its mechanical test capabilities:

  • New Bidirectional Video Extensometer: We have installed a new advanced video extensometer (AVE) with the capability to simultaneously measure linear and transverse strains during a stress-strain measurement. The extensometer greatly enhances our non-contact capability, making high quality measurements to large strains needed for hyperelastic rubber testing and film properties. Strains can be captured during cyclic experiments, rendering it possible to capture Mullins effects in rubber materials. The transverse strain measurement capability allows us to measure Poisson's ratio of soft materials such as rubber, foam and films. Transverse strains can also be measured in the plasticity region providing data for high end material models such as LS-DYNA's SAMP-1.

  • New Test Frames for Fatigue: We have added two servo-hydraulic test frames to double our fatigue testing capability. At this time, we can perform fatigue measurements on a wide range of materials, from metals and plastics to weak materials such as rubber and foam. These new additions will increase our ability to provide fatigue data more efficiently.

  • New Test Frame for Rubber, Films and Fiber: We have added an electro-mechanical test frame which allows for high extension testing suitable for rubber, films, and fibers. The test frame is coupled with a large extension environmental test chamber which permits us to greatly increase the range of measurement strains when stress-strain data are needed at elevated and low temperatures.

Keep an eye on our catalog for new tests.

New Personnel
DatapointLabs welcomes Daniel Roy, Mechanical Engineer, to the team. Dan received his B.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University and has a substantial background in alternative energy design, installation, and management.
Research & Presentations

We've posted new presentations on the Research section of our website. Check it out for informative presentations about Material Modeling, NVH, Crash, and many more topics!

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