Volume 17.3
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DatapointLabs is growing again! We have increased our lab space by 40% to allow us to increase the variety and volume of testing that we can provide to our clients. The new lab space expands our chemical and environmental conditioning capabilities as well as adding flammability and ash content testing.

We are increasing our tensile fatigue testing capability and adding 60% more tensile creep capacity to keep up with demand. Keep an eye on ourcatalog for new tests.

New TestPaks:
Using a digital mock-up of the seat and of the occupant, PAM-COMFORT from DatapointLabs partner ESI predicts detailed information related to Seat Design and Manufacturing, taking into account the complex physics of materials, the multiple contacts, and the time-dependant processes. The physical parameters resulting from each stage of the chain (positions, deflections, strains and stresses) are used as an input to the following one, in order to ensure a high level of precision, whatever the seat and the anthropometry of the occupant. DatapointLabs offers the following PAM-COMFORT TestPaks:

Visit our full TestPak Catalog for more details.

DIGIMAT MX Reverse Engineering Update

DatapointLabs announces an arrangement with e-Xstream Engineering to streamline the Digimat MX reverse engineering process. This turnkeyTestPak includes the molding of the test plaques, machining of test specimens for different orientations, testing of desired properties and, finally, the use of DIGIMAT MX to extract the relevant inputs for the target FEA software. It is no longer necessary for the DIGIMAT user to perform the DIGIMAT MX simulation and reverse engineering steps prior to starting their FEA.

DIGIMAT Quasi-Static Stiffness (J2 Elastoplasticity) + Reverse Engineering

Research & Presentations

We've posted new presentations on the Research section of our website. Check it out for informative presentations about Material Modeling, NVH, Crash, and many more topics!

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