Volume 16.4
Composite Testing on the Rise:

With the dramatic increase in use of composites by the aerospace and automotive industries, DatapointLabs is investing in equipment and development activity to cater to this growing market. Fixturing has been acquired for Iosipescu [ASTM D5379] [M-034], Arcan [M-219] and other shear methods, four-point bending [ASTM D6272] [M-225], bearing strength [ASTM D5961] [M-040] and open-hole tensile [ASTM D5766]/compressive [ASTM D6484] measurements. Development activity is focused on calibration of anisotropic material models for composite materials.

Mr. Brian Croop has taken responsibility as Lab Director at DatapointLabs. He now has charge of all US based laboratory operations.

Ms. Emma Kluge has joined as Assistant to the President, Mr. Hubert Lobo. She will coordinate customer & partner relations activities on behalf of both DatapointLabs and Matereality.
Matereality 4.0 Release:

DatapointLabs’ sister company Matereality, has released its Version 4.0 software with a powerful new interface and advanced software to view and work with material data.

New features include the Material Data Viewer which instantly visualizes data variations with parameters such as temperature, conditioning, time or speed. The Viewer has unit conversion, zoom features and one-click export to Excel. Collaboration tools aid e-mail sharing and embedding within internal web-sites and CMS.

The CAE Modeler is a SaaS module that transforms raw data into CAE material model input decks. The software can convert stress-strain data, rate dependent data, hyperelastic data into material cards for Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, PAMCRASH, NX NASTRAN. Moldflow and Moldex3D are also supported.

DatapointLabs clients receive their test results via Personal Material Databases hosted by Matereality.

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