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Moldex3D simulates the whole process of plastic injection molding from filling, packing to cooling and warpage. Special features include air-trap and weld-line prediction. Both 2.5D and 3D simulation technologies are available.

Originated from university research, CoreTech System Co., Ltd is a leading provider of advanced CAE software for plastic injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding and microelectronics encapsulation. CoreTech has been devoted to plastic flow simulation since 1983, providing state-of-the-art CAE software and mold design consulting.

Create a New Material File in Moldex3D R15

Material Wizard provides two options to create a new material file, Custom: If you have property data of a new material, you can select Custom to add the property data into Material Wizard. From Exterior Sources: If you find a new material in other sources, you can convert other format of the material file into Moldex3D format of the material file. full post

Moldex3D Matereality

Importing Matereality XML files into Moldex3D r13

Create a new material file in Moldex3D r13 from XML files generated by the Matereality CAE Modeler full post