Datapoint News Bulletin

Volume 26.2

Full Composites Testing Capabilities

DatapointLabs announces expanded capability for the testing of structured composites, with the installation of a new 250 KN Instron UTM with environmental chamber and full video/DIC capability. The new NADCAP-compliant machine can perform tests over a -60C to 200C temperature range. It is capable of testing high strength materials, such as unidirectional (UD) and woven carbon fiber (CFRP) composites.

The addition of this equipment now provides a full complement of testing capabilities for composites, including tensile, compressive, shear, and open hole tests. Testing for dynamic mechanical properties of composites also is available, including cure behavior and volumetric capabilities.

The full list of relevant tests always can be found on our online Test Catalog:

  • M-204C Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus for Composite Materials
  • M-209  Combined Loading Compression (CLC)
  • M-219  Shear Stress-Strain
  • M-210  Compressive Stress-Strain, Strength and Modulus
  • M-034  Short Beam Shear Strength
  • M-050  Open Hole Tension (OHT)
  • M-051  Open Hole Compression (OHC)
  • D-027  Volumetric Cure Shrinkage
  • M-041  Lap Shear Strength
  • M-600  DMA—Tensile/Compressive (0.1-100 Hz)
TestPaks® for Composites Simulation
The new composite test capabilities allow for comprehensive characterization for simulation of structured composites using software such as DIGIMAT and Altair Multiscale Designer. The following TestPaks are available:
  • G-170  DIGIMAT MX Elastic eX-E
  • G-173  DIGIMAT MX Elasto-plastic with Damage (EP+D)
  • G-176  DIGIMAT MX Warpage (Thermomechanic)
  • G-190  Altair Multiscale Designer for Unidirectional (UD) Composites
  • G-706  Abaqus Orthotropic Composite
  • G-794  LS-DYNA Laminated Composite Fabric (MAT_054)
Composite Layup Sample Preparation
DatapointLabs announces services for the preparation of composite layup panels through its Illescas sister laboratory.

Panels manufacturing capabilities

  • Monolitic panels of carbon and glass fiber, preimpregnated with thermoset resin materials
  • Monolitic panels of dry fiber with thermoset resin materials by RLI (Resin Liquid Infusion)
  • Sandwich panels of honeycomb and preimpregnated material skins

Test specimen preparation

  • Sample preparation techniques including tabbing, machining, grinding, drilling, riveting, instrumentation
  • Sample inspection techniques (dimensional control, ultrasonic inspection)
Upcoming Events

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