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Volume 30.1

Successful ISO 17025 and Nadcap Accreditation Audits Upcoming Events
Applus DatapointLabs accreditations

Applus+ DatapointLabs has successfully renewed accreditations for ISO 17025, Nadcap Non Metallic Materials Testing (for plastics and composites) and Nadcap Materials Testing Laboratories (for metals). These assessments have allowed us to expand our accredited capabilities:

  • A successful scope addition assessment was conducted by A2LA in January 2024, and we continue our ISO 17025 accreditation until February 28, 2025. Test methods ASTM E8/E8M, E112 and E1251 have been added to our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation.
  • Our Nadcap Non Metallic Materials Testing accreditation audit was conducted in March 2024, and we continue our accreditation until August 31, 2025. We have now attained the first level of Merit status in Non Metallic Materials Testing (the new certificate displays the word “Merit” in each corner to signify this).
  • Our Nadcap Materials Testing Laboratories accreditation audit was conducted in December 2023, and we continue our accreditation until August 31, 2025. Spark Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Metallography (Grain Size) have been added to our original scope of accreditation.

Find details of the scope and updated certificates for each of these accreditations on our Quality System page.

Research on Unidirectional Thermoplastic Composites Presented
at Recent Technical Conference

Applus+ DatapointLabs representatives participated in the CARHS Automotive CAE Grand Challenge, which took place in Hanau, Germany, April 16-17, 2024. The company was a Silver Sponsor of the event, showcasing our material testing capabilities for automotive applications. In addition, Dr. Daniel Campos Murcia discussed the complexities of material testing and model validation for unidirectional thermoplastic composite materials during the CAE Process & QA: Material Testing, Modeling & Data Management session on the opening day of the conference.

Integrated Experimental Analysis, Modeling, and Validation of High-Performance UD CFRTP Lamina
   By Dr. Daniel Campos Murcia and Brian Croop, Applus+ DatapointLabs

validation of shear
Validation of shear: test and simulation
Abstract: Thermoplastic composites present a promising opportunity for innovation within the automotive sector, owing to their lightweight properties, durability, and recyclability. Our efforts concentrate on testing and developing models to accurately simulate the behavior of materials in automotive settings. By delivering precise simulation models, we empower manufacturers to gain deeper insights into the performance of these materials, thereby streamlining their incorporation into vehicle design and manufacturing workflows. This advancement ensures the effective utilization of thermoplastic composites, resulting in tangible advantages such as improved fuel efficiency, enhanced safety, and reduced environmental footprint across the automotive industry.


Find the full presentation posted on

New Hires Support Growth

Applus+ DatapointLabs and its affiliate, Applus+ Software, have added technical staff to support the companies' new capabilities and business growth.

  • Rachel Hare joined Applus+ Software in March 2023 as a Junior Software Engineer. She holds a BS degree in software engineering from Penn State University. She contributes to maintaining and developing the Matereality codebase for both in-house and external clients. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading books and spending time with her husband and dog.
  • Christian Buckland joined Applus+ DatapointLabs in September 2023 as a Lab Technician. He holds a BS degree in mechatronics technology and has practical work experience in programming automated systems for machinery, drawing on his electrical and mechanical expertise. At DatapointLabs, he has contributed significantly to developing metallurgical testing procedures and adding metallurgical tests to the company’s scope for Nadcap and ISO 17025 accreditations. He also conducts mechanical tests. Christian's hobbies include playing in soccer tournaments, hunting, and snowboarding.
  • Brad Sprouse joined Applus+ DatapointLabs in February 2024 as a Lab Technician. He previously was a senior research technician for a battery company, where he focused on developing cathodes for lithium ion batteries. At DatapointLabs, he conducts flex, compression, and tensile tests, and he has trained to mold test specimens using the company's injection molding machine. Brad enjoys brewing beer and gardening, and he is a self-described car enthusiast.
  • Quona Hudson joined Applus+ DatapointLabs in April 2024 as a Sales Engineer. He brings his extensive experience in medical device, industrial, MRO, and ATIC sales to his new role. At DatapointLabs, he focuses on technical sales and customer liaison activities to support the company's expanding material testing operations. Quona is the father of two and an active regional and local musician.

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