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CARHS Automotive CAE Grand Challenge

April 15-16, 2014 - Hanau, Germany

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May 19-22, 2014 - Providence, RI, USA

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10 Years of Your Material Data, Available in Your Matereality® Database

Data Delivery to Matereality DatabaseIn 2004, DatapointLabs started using our digital Data Delivery Service to upload your test results to your Matereality database. Today, you can look into your database and find your historical data, properly documented and stored in full, TrueDigital format.

Each piece of data contains a Certificate providing all relevant details about the testing. Powerful software tools have been created to help you with trend visualization, analytics, comparison, and data conversion. Did you know that Matereality's Global Data Center houses what is probably the largest private cloud of material databases in the world today?

Things You Can Do with Your Matereality Personal Material Database
DataViewer Module Tutorial DataViewer

View your data in detail

The DataViewer module in the My Properties app provides more than 20 software tools to help you view, manage, and use your material data. View raw material properties data, as well as graphical plots. View data from multiple test replicates on the same plot.

Convert units

Specify your database settings to display your data in SI, US, Matereality customary, or other unit systems that you prefer. Ensure a familiar data environment and eliminate unit conversion error.(See how at timestep 1:41 in the DataViewer Module tutorial.)

Share your material properties data

When you want to send data to a colleague, collaborator, or customer, simply locate it in your My Properties app, and then send a data link using the Share tool; there are no downloads or attachments. Your colleague can see the data in the same rich detail as you can. You can revoke the privilege at any time. (See how at timestep 2.00 in the DataViewer Module tutorial.)

Export to Excel

Use the Excel tool in the DataViewer module to export material data to an Excel file with a single click. (See how at timestep 2:16 in the DataViewer Module tutorial.)

Compare Module Tutorial Perform historical data and multiple material comparative analysis

Use the Compare module to evaluate historic trends in your materials, by comparing a test performed today to data you may have developed on the same material years ago. In the same manner, compare different materials.

CAE Modeler App (Overview) Prepare CAE material parameter input files

Convert material properties into parameter input files for a variety of CAE software packages. Perform simple as well as complex conversions. Specific CAE Modeler apps are available for these software packages: Simulia (Abaqus/CAE), ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Moldex3D, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, Autodesk Simulation Moldflow, NX Nastran, PAM-CRASH, Simpoe, and SolidWorks.  

Material Model Library App (Overview) Store and manage material model files

Use the Material Model Library app to store and manage the CAE material parameter input files you create with the CAE Modeler app.

My Materials App Tutorial Add materials information beyond just properties data

Upload vital materials information such as processing, composition, availability, MSDS, and technical data to create a single resource for all information related to your materials using the My Materials app.

Upgrade to Do Even More

Data Loader App (Overview) Add your own material properties

Upgrade to a Personal Material DatabasePro or higher solution to access the Data Loader app, which allows you to load material data from other sources, such as reference papers and the internet, to create a comprehensive resource of all the material data that you use in your work.

Watch video tutorial Add your own material model files

Use the Material Model Library app to add material parameter input files from sources other than Matereality'sCAE Modeler app.

Manage Users App Tutorial Create a centralized data resource for your team

Upgrade to a Workgroup Material DatabasePro or higher solution to access the Manage Users app, which allows you to create a centralized material database for your team, to give your colleagues to access material data that is qualified and approved for your enterprise.

Refer to our Connectivity Guide for DatapointLabs Customers at any time to find tips about maximizing the utility of your Matereality database.

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