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Knowmats is an informal repository of information related to materials and simulation. The information helps simulation professionals perform best-in-class simulation with a better understanding of how materials are represented in FEA and simulation. read more...

Datapoint Newsletter: Spring '12, Volume 18.2

Technical Note: On the Conditioning of Plastics Prior to Testing. Expansion of Conditioning Capabilities. full post


Datapoint Newsletter: Winter '12, Volume 18.1

Expanded Mechanical Test Capabilities. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Fall '11, Volume 17.3

Expansion: New Lab Space, New TestPaks. DIGIMAT MX Reverse Engineering Update. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Summer '11, Volume 17.2

New Lab Space & Equipment full post

Mechanical Newsletters

Material Parameter Calibration Services for Abaqus Non-Linear Material Models

DatapointLabs' TestPaks (material testing + model calibration + Abaqus input decks) for rate-dependent, hyperelastic, viscoelastic, NVH, and the use of Abaqus CAE Modeler to transform raw data into material cards will be presented. A representative from Idiada will present a case study explaining the use of DatapointLabs’ material data and TestPaks for simulation. full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Spring '11, Volume 17.1

New TestPaks and Partner Updates. International Resellers. full post

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Testing for Crash & Safety Simulation

The testing of materials for use in crash and safety simulations and the conversion of test data into material models is a process that is not well standardized in the industry. Consequently, CAE users face uncertainty and risk in this process that can have a negative impact on simulation quality. In this workshop, we present approaches currently used in the US for the gathering of high quality test data plus the acclaimed Matereality CAE Modeler software that is used to transform high strain-rate data into crash material cards. full post

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A Standardized Methodology for the DigimatMX Reverse Engineering Process 

We present a methodology for DIGIMAT users to perform the DIGIMAT MX reverse engineering process to obtain material parameter inputs for crash, elasto-plastic, creep and visco-elasticity. The injection-molding process used involves a standardized plaque geometry with fully developed flow, with test specimens taken from a specific plaque location. A standardized testing procedure is applied and the resulting DIGIMAT MX inputs are handled in a streamlined data stream, which saves time and improves the reliability of the reverse engineering process. The DIGIMAT MX reverse engineering itself can be performed as a service in collaboration with e-Xstream. This gives the user a speedy and tightly controlled process for performing complex finite element analysis with filled plastics full post

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Datapoint Newsletter: Fall '10, Volume 16.4

Composite Testing on the Rise. Matereality 4.0 Release. full post

Composites Newsletters

Datapoint Newsletter: Summer '10, Volume 16.3

DatapointLabs Joins TechNet Alliance. ANSYS Chaboche Model. CAE-INPUT Decks Now Available for ANSYS Polyflow. Foam Modeling in ANSYS. full post

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