Volume 16.2
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Global Expansion Update

DatapointLabs now Accepts International Currencies:
Customers in Europe and Japan can obtain quotes and invoices fromwww.datapointlabs.com in their local currencies. Payments can be made in Euros and Japanese Yen.

International Pickup Service:
European clients can now use DatapointLabs Sample Pickup Service with door-to-door delivery of client samples direct to our facility. The service is operated by international courier DHL. Please contact Barbara Leichtenstern for more details.
Phone: ( +353 1 442 0904 )
E-mail: leichtenstern@datapointlabs.com

NEW Resellers:
DatapointLabs would like to welcome JSOL as Japanese Distributor, with a focus on support of TestPaks for LS-DYNA and other FEA software.

FIGES A.S. has taken up distributorship of DatapointLabs testing services in Turkey. FIGES is an ANSYS and LS-DYNA Distributor and an expert consulting house.

LS-DYNA Support Update

DatapointLabs continues to add capability in support of crash simulation for LS-DYNA with new material models for a variety of materials including metals, foam, composite, rubber and paper

  • Most recent is the Semi-Analytical Model for Plastics (SAMP-1) for plastics where the analyst seeks a highly defined quantification of post yield behavior coupled with a complete description of the yield surface including compression and shear. 
  • TestPaks will be available for the LS-DYNA DIGIMAT MoldflowInterface that will permit the crash simulation of glass and carbon fiber filled plastics and account for the spatial anisotropy of these materials when subjected to impact situations.
New TestPaks Partner

DatapointLabs welcomes material modeling company e-Xstream as a TestPaks Alliance Partner. DIGIMAT, a nonlinear multi-scale material & structure modeling platform, is an interface between structural FEA software and injection molding software. DIGIMAT is used to accurately model the behavior of the material inside the final part taking into account the influence of the manufacturing process.

DatapointLabs will offer TestPaks for DIGIMAT MX, which identifies material law parameters and reverse engineers missing data from a limited set of experimental measurements.

Photo-Documentation of Testing

Customers can now request photo documentation of their test specimens. Photo documentation may be requested for specimens before testing, orafter testing, or both.This is particularly useful when tests are conducted on product samples instead of test specimens, where spatial variations could potentially influence test results. Photos of tested specimens also provide useful visual information about failure modes and anomalies. Photos appear in the test reports and are also uploaded to the customer's personal material database at www.matereality.com.

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