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Knowmats is an informal repository of information related to materials and simulation. The information helps simulation professionals perform best-in-class simulation with a better understanding of how materials are represented in FEA and simulation. read more...

Datapoint Newsletter: Winter '18, Vol. 24.1

Focus on Validation of Simulation: CAETestBench Validation for crash, additive manufacturing, injection molding, rubber hyperelasticity; Review of NAFEMS publication on V&V. full post

Plastics Rubbers Metals High Speed Testing Injection Molding Structural Analysis LS-DYNA Abaqus ANSYS RADIOSS Newsletters Validation 3D Printing OptiStruct

Simulation Verification and Validation for Managers: Book Review

This booklet is intended to be a guide to the V&V process. full post

Book Review Validation

Matereality-SOLIDWORKS Connectivity

How to import materials into SOLIDWORKS Simulation using the SOLIDWORKS Materials Web Portal powered by Matereality full post

SOLIDWORKS Matereality Materials Information Management

Create a New Material File in Moldex3D R15

Material Wizard provides two options to create a new material file, Custom: If you have property data of a new material, you can select Custom to add the property data into Material Wizard. From Exterior Sources: If you find a new material in other sources, you can convert other format of the material file into Moldex3D format of the material file. full post

Moldex3D Matereality

Additive Manufacturing Workflows

Simulation uncertainties arise from different assumptions made in model creation. Mid-stage software validations improve confidence and optimize the design of additively manufactured aerospace components. full post

Mechanical Aerospace and Defense Structural Analysis Papers Validation 3D Printing

Entretien : Être bien plus qu’un laboratoire d’essais, mais un partenaire à part entière

Propos recueillis par Olivier Guillon : Pierre-Pascal Bouf représente désormais DatapointLabs en France et plus largement en Europe si nécessaire. Celui-ci nous fait part de l’ambition de l’entreprise spécialiste dans les essais de matériaux et dévoile sa stratégie dont le succès passera inévitablement, selon lui, par une approche de partenariat avec ses clients, en particulier ceux de l’automobile. full post

Automotive Trade Publication

Datapoint Newsletter: Fall '17, Volume 23.4

CAETestBench Validation, Universal TestPaks, Matereality Analyzer Enhancement full post

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Validation of Simulation

Physically accurate simulation is a requirement for initiatives such as late-stage prototyping, additive manufacturing, and digital twinning. Simulations use mathematical models to replicate physical reality. Verification and validation (V&V) is an important step for high-fidelity simulation. While verification is a way to check the accuracy of these models, factors such as simulation settings, element type, mesh size, choice of material model, material parameter conversion process, quality and suitability of material property data used can have a large impact on simulation quality. Validation presents a means to check simulation accuracy against a physical experiment. These validations are a valuable tool to measure solver accuracy prior to use in product development. Confidence is gained that the simulation replicates real-life physical behavior. full post

Presentations Validation 3D Printing

The Role of Material Data in the Simulation of Injection Molded Parts

The modeling of material behavior for injection molded plastics is a vital step for good simulation results. We detail the types of material data needed by various injection-molding simulation programs, factors that can affect simulation quality including test techniques and process variables such as moisture content. The case of fiber filled plastics is covered along with the extension to structural analysis applications. full post

Plastics Visco-elastic Rate Dependency Injection Molding Nonlinear Material Models Structural Analysis Moldflow LS-DYNA Abaqus Moldex3D DIGIMAT SIGMASOFT Multi-CAE Molding Simpoe-Mold Presentations Validation

Datapoint Newsletter: Summer '17, Volume 23.3

Upcoming Events, Technical Team Expands full post

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